Buy Lavastone Buddha statues from Indonesia

Buy lavastone Buddha statues in Indonesia

During our purchase trip to Indonesia, we have found alot of beautiful and old lavastone Buddha statues. Beside Buddha statues from lavastone, we also bought a few very large lanterns for in the garden. Below a photo impression :

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Burmese Water Festival

Burmese Water Festival, an important festival in Myanmar which takes place during the hottest time in the year and a perfect way to cool down by splashing or dousing one another with cold water with any vessel.

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Bronzen Boeddhabeelden gieten in Nepal

Casting bronze Buddha Statues in Nepal

Buddhism is one of the most influential religions in the world. The number of people in the world following and worshipping Buddhism are over half a billion which is mostly centralized in Eastern Asian countries like Nepal, India, China, Japan, Burma, Indonesia, Korea and so on.

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